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Re: My Journey so far….(Ms Ellie)

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Ms Ellie

@sharon 5847 wrote:

Ms Ellie, I have been really lax of late so missed your big adventure, until now!! Fantastic news, I am absolutely chuffed to bits for you, and you turned down a starring role too!! Are you mad?? Actually I think I would have had problems agreeing to that too, as nice as it is to share our journey on here among friends and fellow bypassers/banders I don’t think I’d feel very comfortable knowing the world was watching and judging but that is just me, I am just not brave enough. I loved watching the programmes of people going through the transition from hopeless to hopeful and then onto success and think all those who agreed to take part are fantastic. So if you do change your mind I for one will be rooting for you!
It won’t be long for you now, once you have had the initial checks, as you have, they don’t seem to keep you hanging around long. I bet your heart is hammering in your chest with anticipation. Good luck Ms Ellie and keep us all informed.


Hi there Sharon its so good to see you posting again, I am very excited about the next few weeks and need to SHUT UP also about it :tape: I will tell anyone who will listen to me going on and on on:lalala:

I love watching the fat doctor series and all the other programmes too but somehow right now, im not comfortable about being filmed…..(this is a joke surely????) who me :nono:….. I would love to do something afterwards as I feel I could offer a lot of help and advice to WLS wannabees….

Keep smiling my love take care:love:

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