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Re: My Journey so far….(Ms Ellie)

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Ms Ellie

Morning all im back home after a longgggggg day yesterday, firstly thanks guys your support and good wishes are so overwhelming.

Like I said it was a long day up at 4.30am left home at 6.30 am for our drive to Chichester, luckily we left early as the traffic on the M25 was a nightmare.

Upon arriving at the Loxswood centre, i met with the lovely Christine at reception I kinda sort of been gettin to know her from when I went with Twinkle, lovely lady she is and very helpful! I know she is a lurker on here so Hi there Christine……:wave:

The Lovely Vicky popped in for a couple of hours and she is looking mighty fine and is also doing very well. (Vicky is a streamline member and had op on same day as Twinkle) friend for life there me thinks!!!!

As you may already know (those of you attending Chichester) I saw the Dietician, anestathist (will learn how to spell this) Phycotherapist, Physician and the lovely nurse Lisa!!! It was a great experience to actually meet these people for me, I could really open up and share my fears/concerns, I dont really have many but the DVT issue scares me, thankfully this was noted. Just briefly when I had Princess (cesarian) I got a clot and that really scared me and never went on to have anymore kids because I was so scared that I may have to have surgery again, so as a precautionary measure extra Heparin injections for me please!!!!

The gas man (anesta….) pointed a few things out to me regarding my medication and suggested that I have a chat with my GP, which I shall do on Tuesday, he assures me by changing my Moduretic (water tablets) to ????? I have the names written down will be much better for me as I am currently using CPAP and the newer meds will be more effective for me, will be peeing for England lol!!!! get rid of some of this excess fluid!

My morning session finished around 12 noon so had a couple of hours to kill, so rather to hang around the Loxswood hubby drove us to Bognor…. Completely forgot :doh: that Buzz (my friend) promised to visit buzzzzzz I am soooooo soorrrrryyyyyy Im so grateful, but with the heat and all the excitement it completely went outta my head sorry again and I hope I didnt inconvenience you.

The afternoon session was also good the surgeon was Shaw Somers and he has agreed to carry out the surgery :whoo: I was so releaved, it was great seeing Shaw, boy he is a busy man…my
session with him was brilliant but… really being honest here I felt I was being rushed…. im not complaining but felt this.. He asked me if I wanted to be filmed for his TV series and I said no, its not something I would be comfortable with but would consider doing something at a later date.

No op date yet but he promised it will be as soon as poss…. cant ask for anymore!

Im feeling on top of the world guys thanks for reading and supporting me and guys thanks for all the text messages too god bless you all


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