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Re: My Journey so far….(Ms Ellie)

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Ms Ellie

:whoo: @Precious 5527 wrote:

Ms Ellie, I agree, hubbie is a big part of the journey and should be with you. Twinkle will be needed so much by you so I am sure she won’t feel left out. Its great she is doing so well, please pass on my congrats to her. Hope you and hubby have a lovely day together on Friday, another step closer to slimfinity & beyond as Buzz would say!!! 😆

:kiss: xxx precious xxx

Lol…. Precious hubby has been a right pain in the butt today, he has been so touchy and driving me round he bend and he has got three more days off!!!

@Buzz 5536 wrote:

What time you in chi princess???

Buzzz….. 9 am and probably there til about 3/4pm!!!

@LINDY LOO 5539 wrote:

Suzie,I hate this hot weather and know where you are coming from. I just moan all day about being hot and sweaty. Dont get me started on the nights.
Ms Ellie you must be so exicted now, can’t wait til you get back from your consultation. It must be nice to have your sister as support. If anyone had asked me a few months ago I would have said my sister would be my biggest support but this has not happened. I cant even talk to her about the op or my appointments. I was reluctant to tell anyone about what I was doing but in the end I decided to do it. Everyone else has been great and have really surprised me.

Lindy loo

Lindy Twinkle is ok, we are so close as sisters and we are always together, hated each other when were younger but we support each other as best we can now, its such a shame that you cant talk to your sister about the op me and twinkle have watched all the ops on tv and most of all the tv series together, nevermind Lindy you have us!

@Brains 5540 wrote:

Good luck for Fri Ms Ellie if I lived near I would be pop in but about 2 hours away!
Sure you will be flying on air after :Hug: xx

Thanks sweetcheeks im sure I will be flying in the air……
@solucky 5546 wrote:

Ellie, what time’s your appointment? xx

Darling its an all day thing from 9 am til about 3/4pm


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