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Re: My Journey so far….(Ms Ellie)

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Ms Ellie

@SuzieQ 5178 wrote:

Oh Ms Ellie, I so understand where you are coming from, I have now told my kids what I am planning and all but one seem to think it’s a great idea and are being supportive, only one is not .so thrilled but will be okay he’s just worried. the reason why I have told them is that as they are adults and 2 of them still live with me they have to sign some forms o say they are ok with me borrowing some of the money using the house as collateral (don’t even get me started on the factthat it’s my house & my hard earned cash thats paid for it! what’s that all about not being able to do something with a property you own? :mad:) Apologies for rant…anyway things are falling into place and I suddenly have a panic attack at about 3.30am, what am I doing? surely I can lose weight without having to spend all this money! that kind of thing….I guess it’s all part of being human.

You will be fine and I’m so looking forward to reading about your progress.
Keep smilling :hug: xx


Hi there Sue good to see you back on here my love I hope you are well??? Its normal for your family to be worried for you, im sure they will come round, mine havent said much as I know they can see how much I struggle thes days. Its so unfortunate that you have to pay, any chance of getting it done on the nhs??? keep posting sue will look forward to speaking with you soon xxxx:kiss:

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