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Re: My Journey so far….(Ms Ellie)

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Ms Ellie

Good afternoon my friends:wave:

:whoo:Go Streamline…wow what a lovely forum we have now thank you, I can see there has been no expense spared here this site is gonna rock trust me!!!

I emailed admin today and advised them that I am over 13 ….I promise!!!:hail:

Quickie on Football what a load of …….I cant believe the Italians are out and that England are out too!!!

I hope you are all enjoying this glorious weather we are having?? For the first time in many years I am not enjoying this heat my legs at the moment are like balloons, I try so much to keep them elevated but when you have a family of 6 and a dog there is not much chance!

I don’t do dresses, so I have to wear the only sort or trousers I have when I go out and that makes it even worse, they are the ones you would wear for the winter cant find anything lighter for this type of weather to fit neither, I don’t do vest tops out of the house as I have huge bingo wings!!! Not much hope for me really eh?? It can only get better………

As you have probably all gathered I have been engrossed with the football, trying to keep myself busy, and my mind off certain things, my first appointment is next Friday (9th July ) at the Loxswood centre and I cant wait, starting to panic also, and all sorts of stupid things are whizzing around my head! I woke up the other morning at stupid o clock:clock: in a cold sweat, I dreamt that I went for my appointment and then in the afternoon I was told that I could not have the op as I would need to lose a lot of weight before having surgery, now I know this has happened, it happened on one of the fat doctors series that little woman called Anna from Madera who had her op postponed for one year, when I saw that my heart went out to her bless her she was so desperate to have this op done and if I remember rightly her op was a success and she had lost a lot of weight!!! Well done to her. :clap2

I know I am working myself up over this as believe it or not I read a lot of the posts on here and we all more or less go through the same things but the date is getting close…….I have got to chill out as my lips are covered in cold sores, me thinks this is all stress related!!!

Update on Twinkle, she is doing very well weight wise I think she has now done 22kgs, she is still bopping about and dead chuffed that she got some tops in Bon Marche..Bon Marche I ask!!!!

Well folks that’s it for now thanks for reading

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