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Re: My Journey so far….(Ms Ellie)

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Ms Ellie

@Renn 10607 wrote:

Hi to you all

Well done Ms Ellie 93lbs…6st.9lbs. I told you that you’re a STAR. Great about show. You’re a winner and a real inspiration to us all. The update was great as it mentioned everything…well done.

I have to say thank you to MR SHAW SOMERS for making you such a HAPPY BUNNY hope he sees this!

Bye Renn and Secret Santax
Have a great week everyone!

Please put your ticker on when you’re ready. How about making it small goals on the ticker if we don’t want all to know our maximum weight. Hang on did I say small goals –6st9lbs isn’t SMALL. I think you know what I mean guys and gals. P-L-E-A-S-E when you’re ready as it’s so Inspiring for the waiters and newbies!

Yo Yo Yo Mariahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh its now 7st 1lb, 99lbs or 45.3 kgs, sorry I dont do tickers I got myself in so much bother the last time I messed about with me ticker xxxx Much Love

@Buzz 10615 wrote:

Buzz looks back at the tea party and the discussion we had pre op…..

Well my little twiglet….. (note: i love twiglets)

I hate to say I told you butt………… smaller butt that is, your doing it….. your a loser…
And to top it all you still find time for us lot…

Insperational Ellie huney…insperational…

Buzz xxxx

Its people like you Buzz that give me the strength to carry on much love to you xxx looking forward to seeing you next week amongst all the otheres xxxxx Welcome back!

@ditzeeblonde 10672 wrote:

Hey skinny minny!!

Can you believe that we are 11 weeks out? You have done absolutely amazingly babes, I’m so very VERY proud of you & what you’ve achieved so far… I’m so not going to recognise you on the 6th! We hooking up at the Loxwood then hanging out til the eve??

Linz. xxx

Linz…. cant wait to catch up on Monday im at Loxwood then dossing around Chichester for the rest of the day til the evening!!!!

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