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Re: My Journey so far….(Ms Ellie)

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Ms Ellie

@monkey girl 10143 wrote:

Hi Ellie, glad to hear you are starting to feel better now, the extreme tiredness at the begining does get better as the first few months pass. Fantastic news about your weightloss too, you must be thrilled. I can remember being worried that the bypass wouldn’t work for me and being so relieved when it became obvious that it was.
As for travelling, well start planning that trip ! As you know I have just been on my first trip abroad since my weightloss and New York was fab but busy, busy, busy. I could do up my seat belt with loads to spare and i never realised how much space there was even when the table was down. Lol . x Ruth

I am soooooo jealous Ruthie I am so glad that you had a busy busy busy time in New york I am so jealous……… much love to you we need to meet up sweetie holidays soon pop over for a coffee xxxx

@scottie 10144 wrote:

Hi Ellie.

That’s absolutely fantastic, I’m so happy for you. Sorry to hear about your back problems hope you’re feeling much better. I’ve not been on here much either much to my dissapointment with lots going on, there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day!! Anyway I#ll keep popping on when I can get the chance and before I know it you’ll be at your target weight!! Lots of love Maria xx

Maria oh Maria…… im feeling good sweetcheeks every day I take another step forward what a feeling…. its fantastic we need to catch up I promise to come to one of your meeting in the new year diary is so packed at the moment from now till xmas but in the new year we shall meet up take care my lovely much love to you xxxxx
@Brains 10151 wrote:

Fantastic Miss Ellie hope your back improves quickly xx Take care xxx

Thanks Brains my back is fine now and I am so looking forward to meeting with you the 6th xxx much love to you xxxxx
@Renn 10159 wrote:

Hi Ms Ellie and all

Great to hear about your weightloss online.You looked amazing at Borehamwood with Twinkle beside you looking younger and slimmer too. Sorry about your back and the tiredness but the rest will do you so-o-o good.Now it’s not sleep and grow it’s sleep and shrink. I think you’ll be planning a June 2011 holiday to Italy. Yes I’ve had the Crystal Ball out again.

Hugs and Love to our special STAR
From Renn xx
Have a great week everyone!

Mariahhhhhh……..Renn you Diva…….. thank you so much you are a star and boy am I glad that you and Mr Renn are in my life beautiful people love you both xxxxx
@Pinkdancer 10169 wrote:

Miss Ellie,

So glad to hear of your fab lose 5st!!! I can only dream of that at this stage, but it gives me so much encouragement. Well at that rate you won’t be taking up much room on the losers bench so hopefully there will be some room for me too.

Hope the back gets better soon keep us up to date, love to hear from you.

Pinkdancer dont ever give up that dream sweetie it will happen and when it does you will feel amazing darling I am so blessed to have this op done and blessed with all the fantastic friendships that I have made Soooooo looking forward to seeing you on the 6th! Much love to you my darling xxxx
@ditzeeblonde 10322 wrote:

Hey chick… was good to catch up last night..xx

Hey baymate Ditzieeee its always a great pleasure chatting to you my darling much love and well done you on youre amazing weightloss too xxxxx
are you coming on the 6th??????
@kingfisher 10331 wrote:

Oh my goodness! That is soooooo amazing. Huge congrats on your amazing weightloss. You must be feeling awesome! Pictures please? xxxx

Kingfisher awesome yesssssss pictures noooooooo not yet darling but will do soon my princess is taking pictures of me and and I will post ast a later date much love to you too darling xxxxxx

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