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Re: My Journey so far….(Ms Ellie)

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Ms Ellie

Take 2…..HA HA HA

I spent ages posting yesterday and then lost it all, how annoying!

Am I glad to be a loser????? Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Well firstly guys so glad to be back, and a big thanks to my visitors/friends for all my cards, balloons teddies and flowers, they mean so much to me and you all are simply the best!

8/9/10………….how freaky was that my op day!

I am going to be totally honest here on the morning when I arrived at Chichester I was as cool as a cucumber, I was sooooo ready to Rock and Roll and Rock and Roll I did!!!

I was not a bit nervous or worried it was what I wanted, and I wanted it now!

I was met by the fabulous team and shown to my bed, Rebecca from Channel four called me and said she and her crew were told to come for 9.30 am, which was good for me so I could settle down before the cameras rolled!!!

Whilst I was waiting, I had my checks bp excellent, diabetic check excellent, the heart was good too and then I hit the scales……… whooo hoooo and yes can you believe this I lost 10kgs, 1stone 10lbs bloody fantastic I thought to myself, I was friggin dead chuffed with that result what a fantastic way to start my journey to slimville!

I saw Big Rob (Gorgeous lad) but he bloody ignored me HOW DARE HE……, he was quietly sitting there waiting to go down and looked really nervous!!!

The Tv crew came and I did my little bit with them a general chit chat about my weight issues blah blah blah then Shaw came and I signed on the dotted line, this is it I thought my op is really really going to happen. I was No2 on the list.

It was around 12.30 and it was now my turn, I couldn’t get to the theatre quick enough I felt like getting out of the bed and helping the porter to wheel my bed into theatre!!

I was met again by a fantastic team before I could say 123 I was gone!!! I woke up in recovery yelling my back my back I had awful back pain I think I was awkwardly laying on the table and my back has been giving me a few problems but each day its getting better and better.

My op took longer than anticipated as my liver had not shrunk and the bloody thing was in the way, but Shaw and his fabulous team did what they had to complete the op safely. Unfortunately, Ellie ..yes another Ellie patient No 3 had her op postponed till the following morning but she was cool about it.

My time in recovery was a little longer and my poor family were having kittens outside!!! My fault as I told Rebecca that when she finished filming to text my daughter and tell them that I was done…bad move they didn’t realise I was going into recovery and that can be anything up to 3 hrs or more, so my family were pacing and when I was finally being taken back to the ward I was met by a sobbing husband and family, me of course didn’t know what all the fuss was about!!!

So please note Pre-oppers remember the op can take 2 hrs but remember to tell your family/friends that you go to recovery and you could easily be there for a further 2/3 hrs!!

Back on the ward and before I knew it I was in the chair and chatting with the night staff about the following mornings admission, yes our very own ditzeeblonde…. What a cracker, I made sure she was near me so we would be together and together we were.
We were then joined by Brad and carol and what a laugh our Brad is, I hope he will join this forum as he will be a great person to have on board. The lovely Rob kept duckin and divin then he finally came in and said hello…..and we are still in touch today,

What can I say 8 days post op???? Wow wow and wow again I am so happy and so grateful, not only to the wonderful Shaw Sommers but all his staff they are just the best!

Thanks for reading xxxxx

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