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Re: my first step to weight loss

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@johno 26799 wrote:

Aw people thank you so much for all the advice you guys are so good to come on here and give your advice. iv booked my appointment for the 10th of december and am very nervious. Is there any essentials i need to bring with me on the day of procedier ??

How EXCITING!!? I’m so happy for you.

Well, I would say first and foremost something to read as there can sometimes be a period of waiting and, even if it’s only half an hour, it will feel like an eternity! Maybe some face wipes to freshen up? I’m sure our fab bandsters will soon be able to tell you what might be a good idea to bring along with you as I had a three day stay in hospital after mine so it was totally different.

Don’t be nervous about the procedure itself though. It’s very straightforward and you are in the safest of hands I promise

Doodah x

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