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Re: My countdown has begun

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@Mara 24545 wrote:

Hi Hypno

Congratulations on day one of your new life….the milk diet really helps your body and mind prep for the big day of surgery.

I found it amazing that I didn’t feel hungry but did take an energy dip on days 3 to 4 (just watch out for that).

Whilst the milk diet is liberating in taking the decisions out of your hands on what you can eat it, it also allows you to listen (for the first time in my life) to how your mind works around food. For example, when my hubby told me he was going out, the first thought that sprang into my mind was ‘great, what can I eat?’ of course I quickly realised I couldn’t ‘eat’ anything! But I’ve acknowledge the pattern, whenever I’m on my own my mind goes straight to the subject of food like a heat seeking missile! We’ve all got our mind games to battle, the milk diet helped me to identify mine.

So the diet works on two levels, psychologically and physically………….good luck with yours and welcome to the forum, I look forward to getting to know you better.

Mara x

That’s amazing! How quickly you identified the problem, where before you would simply have considered it something you did without even thinking about it. I’m convinced that knowing what we are battling is the answer.

For years and years I just thought I was addicted to high calorie, high sugar foods as I never over ate with meals. In fact, if someone put a huge plate of dinner in front of me it put me off eating it altogether. After surgery, I realsied that I used food as a pick me up for when I was feeling utterly miserable but didn’t/wouldn’t recognise it. After my bypass, I HAD to live without those foods or run the risk of feeling like hell with dumping. So, I started to talk and write about how I was feeling. It worked.

I’m writing a book about my experiences but boy is it taking me ages!! I keep having new exciting ones thanks to wls!!

Great posts guys. I can see we are all going to learn so much from each other. Thank you 😉

Doodah x

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