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Re: My 600 life on TV tonight

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I initially felt really sorry for him but when he threw the tantrum for being ‘told off’ by his doctor for saying ‘Nothing’ when he was asked what wls had done for him, I lost a great deal of sympathy.

Where is the personal responsibility? Yes, it’s not ideal to be living with your mother in your mid twenties but both of my children of that age are still at home and they certainly don’t expect me to do everything for them. You would have thought his mother would have done absolutely anything for him not to end up in the same boat as her (she is obviously hugely overweight herself.)

However, the programme covered seven years of his story so far, so let’s hope it has a happy ending.

Doodah x

ps I watched the previous episodes whilst recovering in bed with an infection following an apronectomy! That woman’s plight made me realise just how lucky I have been!

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