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@830830 30856 wrote:

Hi Claire!
Thank you for your reply.
I am a member of the Portsmouth group and a friend of Treeza, whom I think you have spoken with .
I fully intend to come on the 20th .
I will let you know how I’m doing after the opp as soon as I can. I have no idea what time it will actually be on the 8th, so please bear with me.
I will also let everyone else know how I am doing, on the forum.
I’m feeling a bit tired today , day 7 on the milk diet. I got a bit behind with my fluids today so far so I will stay up this eve and space the out till I’ve taken them all.
How have you been today on the diet?

Hi Julie,
Ah you are a friend of Treeza’s! She seems to be having a miserable time at the moment, I was just about to message her to say that I am thinking about her. I think that I have been really lucky with my pre op diet, Frances suggested it and she is the dietician who I think has moved to the Portsmouth area. She was so helpful, so informative and so nice when I saw her. So I am eating 3 fruits, one low fat yoghurt, half a pint of skimmed milk and vegetables at 3 meals with a 2 egg omelette or bacon for breakfast and a limited amount of meat or fish for lunch and supper. I am not hungry on it at all, I just miss having more fruit and a greater variety of things and it isn’t easy to transport for work etc. I am over the moon with it though, when I know what some other people do with different surgeons/teams etc.

I am more tired than usual and feel rather lightheaded if i go too long between breakfast and lunch and I am not sure that my brain is all there but the tiredness and thinking could be my imagination! Either way yesterday’s teaching seemed to take everything I had, and I have another long day of teaching on your op day so I need to keep my wits about me because I don’t seem to be on totally full throttle.

I think that my op will be early on the list on Tuesday because I have been called in early and they apparently call people in in twos. That would be great if it is because i am travelling from Basingstoke to Harrow and with the traffic I would have had to leave very early anyway. I have been told that I might be in HDU for one night so if i am earlier in the day perhaps that might not happen.

I really will be thinking of you on Saturday, and over the days until I have mine (and of course afterwards too). I am sure that you will be absolutely fine and you are definitely in safe hands. So I will be on here frequently to see if you have managed to post yet, no pressure at all though just get well and I am sure that we will be in contact here and will meet on the 20th.
Take care
Claire x

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