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Re: More Obese People on TV coming soon

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Oh my goodness Paul, that is horrific. Not just for the woman herself but her family and all the poor clinical staff who had to look after her. I agree with you that although they seem mightily unfair sometimes, most guidelines are put in place for a very good reason.

In my own very humble opinion, I think a period of counselling/therapy should be undertaken by everyone wanting to have wls – NHS or Private. My own GP asked me at an entirely unrelated appointment last week how I had managed to keep off my weight loss for so long. I told her by accepting and following the ‘rules’ and three years of therapy prior to surgery (plus it being my absolute last chance.) When I asked why, she told me that regain was a problem for a few of her patients and that she is now becoming reluctant to put people forward anymore. She told me that the purpose of wls is to make a happier and ultimately healthier patient and to save money for the NHS in the long term. The regain by her patients has not gone down very well with the PCT who awarded their funding. I am horrified to think that some people won’t get the funding now because a few people didn’t understand what was expected of them regarding wls.

I can honestly say with my hand on my heart that Mr Somers and his team helped (and educated) me every step of the way. My success weigh loss wise has been so much a team effort that I have always felt a sense of ‘collective success’ with every pound lost.

As for medical insurance in the USA, it must be very cheap!! However, it also highlights the power of the dollar – she was given wls despite the misgivings of almost everyone with whom she came into contact. A terribly sad outcome which ever way you look at it 🙁

Doodah x

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