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Re: More discrimination?

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@Paul-H 27284 wrote:

And seeing this at the bottom of the Article

‘Once the reconfiguration work is complete, the former ward 10 and associated areas will be used for a range of day case work, including chemotherapy”.

Does that mean they plan on refusing Cancer Patients access to Chemotherapy if they weigh more than 15 stone as well. once all the work is finished.


That is an inspired point to make Paul. 15st is not exactly gargantuan is it? By anyone’s standards! Like you say, obese people is the last group that that people think it’s perfectly acceptable to discriminate against – and often bully in the process. I’m no longer obese but in my head, I will always feel like an obese person. Which is the reason I feel so strongly about this article.

Doodah x

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