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Re: Momentous decision regarding plastic surgery.

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Thanks Ruby. You are so right about we plastics needing a support group of our own!

Of course I don’t mind sharing my story. It is actually already written in the plastics section but here is a brief summary:

I was fine until about day four when I noticed something ‘warm’ on my stomach. Then I began to notice a smell (sorry) and knew I must have a little infection. I took off the dressings and almost fainted. There was a river of green under them. Went back to the hospital and had everything re dressed and given antibiotics. ” days passed with no improvement so i had to go back again and have it cleaned and re dressed. Was given different antibiotics. The infection started to clear but I then developed a large swelling! Turned out it was a seroma (huge gunk filled pocket) about the size of an avocado. It had to be drained.

In all honesty, I didn’t start to feel anything like ‘normal’ for about a month. As soon as the six weeks were up I ripped off that bloody compression garment and threw it across the room – same with the stockings! So, I ended up having to take three weeks off work and it was an uphill battle.

I was only saying yesterday that my scar is quite itchy at the moment and I have no idea why! I use Dream Cream from Lush and Bio Oil every day without fail. I still have patches that are completely numb too.

I AM bitterly disappointed about my arms but like you so rightly said, we have to listen to our bodies above all else. I hope you have a much easier time of it than me Ruby. Always here should you need any help 😉

Doodah x

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