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Re: Momentous decision regarding plastic surgery.

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Almost there

@Doodah 28697 wrote:

Hi guys

Well, I made a very big decision yesterday – I have cancelled my boob lift and ‘bingo wing’ removal. There are several reasons why but the main one is that I just don’t think I can put my body through that again.

The last procedure wasn’t straightforward and then I failed the second pre op medical so I think my body might be trying to tell me something! Those of you who know me will understand that I always listen to my body now. It worked SO very hard for me both when it was 26 stone and struggling to go on, and after wls when I asked it to change my life forever. It complied with barely a moment of trouble. So, I am returning the favour.

Not having the surgeries will mean I shall remain in pain from the weight of it – but it will not kill me. I will find a way to cope. The other reason is that we are trying to save the money for a deposit on a house. My plastics fund will go quite a way to achieving that. I want to have a permanent place to live in my old age more than I want slim arms. There are other reasons too but they are too personal to share – hope you understand. I know I usually share everything but these reasons involve other people so it’s not quite the same thing.

So, yesterday, I phoned Mr Bennett’s Secretary and cancelled my surgeries. I am bitterly disappointed I will admit. However, who knows what my circumstances might be in 3 years?? Never say never as the saying goes. Some things happen for a reason. We may not always appreciate it at the time but I believe in fate….What will be, will be.

Thank you all so so much for all the continued support you give me. It is very much appreciated. I really mean that xxxx

Doodah x

Bless you DOODAH!
this is indeed a momentous decision and I know better than most as I’m undergoing a four stage total body lift
So as my body suffers complications and slowly heals then it is bombarded with yet another procedure
And surgical onslaught
So far I have undergone a fluer de lys apronectomy
Braicioplasty ahem lift reduction
Massive breast reduction (from66 inch bust to 36 inches)
And next month due to undergo
Last stage two procedures of medial inner thigh lift reduction and
Upper ( above bely button) belt lipectomy
In all I have endured painful surgeries and complications with wounds healing
And I’m
51 years old
The worst thing is I will STILL be a big girl even after all of this as I was a super morbid obese RNY gastric bypass of 34 stones and BMI of 70
My BMI is now 38 but technically STILL a candidate for bypass surgery!!M
It’s is so very hard
I have had to sell my home to fund these surgeries and move into rented accommodation as PCT refused even on
3 appeals to fund surgery even though the wonderful Mr Somers advised that I did indeed have exceptional circumstances so should qualify for funding as my upper inner thigh was starting with necrosis as no blood supply was. Being recieved , and he advised the PCT that EVENTUALLY I would contrct tangerine then no choice but to have an amputation and end up in a wheelchair !!!!
STILL they ( PCT) refused funding
So although I totally respect your decision
I have no choice but to proced as I do not want to. Go through losing all this weigh 17 stones and ßTILL end up in a wheelchair before the age of 55
Who ever said Bariatric surgery was ” the easy way out”
Needs their heads looking at!!!!
You are an inspiration to this website !
And I respect your desicion xxxx

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