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Re: Momentous decision regarding plastic surgery.

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@Doodah 28730 wrote:

Thanks Elaine. Health is ALWAYS a first consideration. My bingo wings are absolutely terrible. I have really good muscles but with about 6″ in length of hanging loose, wrinkled and puckered skin underneath. I didn’t even show them on holiday in the Maldives last year not matter how hot it became. I’m very, very conscious of them and they make my elbows hurt with the weight of them.

I have big boobs still 🙁 They are SO heavy on my tiny frame (5′ 3″) and cause a great deal of pain in my back, neck and shoulders – hence me never saying never! But I will have to be 100% well enough and have the time to take care of myself.

Doodah x

I guess I am lucky as I don’t have anything like that, as I say I can live with my bingo wings and the fact that I know longer have a bust so to speak (small price to pay for being healthy and having my life back) but I really would love my tummy done as that does hang down over the tops of my thighs and I get sores and sweat rash there but as I said never say never and one day the funding may be there.
Elane xx

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