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Re: Milky Monday!

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@Vickster 34351 wrote:

Thank you Doodah, that means so much to me. I will never forget this experience, it has been such a special time…in fact…I wasn’t sure about sharing this or not, as it makes me sound a bit crazy, but I already have a reputation anyway, so here goes…

It dawned on me recently that I had roughly a nine month wait from my MDT to operation date, and then I realised that for the last couple of weeks I have been putting myself into almost a state of confinement, staying closer to home generally, taking time to really think and build up to my big day. Then with all the preparations like making the meals for when I get home, I described that part as the nesting. After I have had my operation (Did I mention it’s NEXT TUESDAY?!? LOL), I will be bringing the new me home. I have always told me that the relearning to eat post operation is a bit like weaning..It was only after I put all of these things together that I realised that in many ways, this process, for me at least, has been a bit like having a baby. And that is true in way, it’s a new me. It’s a chance to reset, relearn, develop, and live, and I really, really can’t wait!!

See, told you I would sound crazy didn’t I?!?!

x x x x

You are not crazy at all, well, maybe a little bit :O) but this is so true, never thought of it like this but it is a rebirth isn’t it, cannot wait for Tuesday pet xxx

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