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Re: Milk diet start to day

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@Kimberly 30168 wrote:

Yeah no cystitis , I had me first bath and put some bubble bath !!!!! . Did a little walk yesterday and then was out from 10 to 1300 did a tiny bit of Christmas shopping and then nails and toes . Bless her she asked who cut my toes nail . (Well it’s very difficult isn’t it to cut your toes nails with a big belly and little arms . ) defiantly a nice time and I’m going back before Christmas . But very tired in the afternoon and neede a nap, when can I Hoover again.

,Iv got my appointment for follow up 14 th of feb to see medics , and 4 th march to see dietitian , I’m ok with surgeons I think that’s about right but the diet ions appointment seems too long to me?

The Dietitian appointment is about right Kim. It takes a good few months before the diet may need ‘tweaking’ and will also be after any blood tests you may have. They can highlight any deficiencies which actually take quite a while to develop! As I have typed that, I just realised I haven’t taken my Vitamin D supplement haha!

If you are in any doubt about anything at all, phone your team. I could be totally wrong as I had my bypass five and a half years ago and things could have changed by now (I’m such an old timer haha)

Doodah x

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