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Re: Milk diet start to day

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@Kimberly 29932 wrote:

8 days and counting . Feel like an astronaut with all the pre surgery excitement , worry , . I’m fighting hard at the negative thoughts , I’ve decided I’ve have really considered WLS the advantages and complication for about three years , so I’m not going to keep going over that old chestnut it only keeps me in a negative holding circle . So I’m going to look forward to the future and I’m sooooo excited , can’t wait to go shopping , my lovely friend and daughter are fighting to go clothes shopping with me . I’m going to cycle around H M S Daedalus , go on cruises . And we might go traveling around in a camper van .

YAY! Just say no to negativity!

I have also always wanted to go travelling in a camper van! Europe first then who knows!? My parents did it in a VW many years ago and said it was one of the best things they have ever done. They showed me photos of them camped at the bottom of the Eiger in Switzerland with the sun rising behind it at dawn – utterly magical.

Are you still coming on Thursday? So looking forward to meeting you. I met another newbie on here last night in Harrow. It’s fantastic to put a face to the name in ‘real’ life. 🙂

Doodah x

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