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Re: Milk diet start to day

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Hi to you all,
You are all so inspiring – Doodah, Treeza, Kim, Audrasharon and of course Julie!

As I have said before I was following Audrasharon and Kim’s progress while I was on holiday in Key West (in the middle of the night when I was feeling so sad and worried about the whole thing). Your posts were so detailed and honest and that really reassured me. If everything had been perfect I would have somehow felt less sure about the reality of it all.

However seeing Julie’s fast progress is just wonderful, and just three days ahead of me! It is so wonderful for you Julie, but also for those who come after you, at this point me!

Doodah and Treeza you have been so welcoming and supportive and I am really looking forward to meeting you all next week. I think maybe Thurs evening in Harrow is probably a step too far having only been discharged that day, I will make up my mind at the time. It does seem that you all seem to be the Portsmouth group so maybe that makes greater sense anyway, and I probably don’t need both. I just feel a bit behind because I haven’t been going to a group pre op.

We had just planned to stay at a Premier Inn because I was meant to be going in for 7am in Harrow and there is a tube strike planned. However I have just had a phone call saying the list is starting later at 1pmish so I only need to be there at 11, so will stay here for tonight. Also that HDU for a night is more or less definite. It is strange how these tiny things on the day before can be a little discombobulating. All ready to leave tonight and now will leave tomorrow, and HDU sounds a tad more concerning.

Really, really looking forward to seeing you all on the other side of it and starting my life and meeting you all
Claire x

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