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Re: Milk diet start to day

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Hi everyone,
I am sorry that you had a bad day yesterday, i do hope that feel better today with more rest. Do take care.

Well i am doing great!!! My op was about 2.30 yesterday afternoon in the end and i wasn’t really aware of the time until about 7.30. I do remember vague things from recovery, but not a lot. Initially in HDU, and ithin in recovery i had some pain, not much really but it increased my feelings of nausea. The nausea increased my pain and i hate feeling sick. They got it all sorted very quickly though and i wasn’t sick at all. Then at about 9pm i suddenly felt better. I could communicate, and smile, and felt sooo much better. By 10 i had got up for a pee, and again at about 1am then i got up for a full wash at 5am and have been up sitting in a chair since. No heavy duty painkillers since 1am, just paracetamol at 8am. Oxygen off, no catheter or drain, just a drip still there.

For those coming after me, the pain, for me at least, has been fine after the first couple of hours, no gas pain at all, just backache and a little discomfort across by upper abdomen. Have been tolerating 60 mls an hour of ice water all night and Shaw Somers has just come round and i am on free fluids now. Hope to go back to my room in an hour or two.

So i am doing really well, so far, thanks for all your pisitive thoughts, i am now furmly on the losers bench with you all. You are all so great, it is wonderful to be sharing this with you.

Take care Julie and happy shopping Kim!
Claire x

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