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Re: Milk diet start to day

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@treeza 29891 wrote:

The great news is in two weeks time you won’t feel hungry anymore! It’s the one thing even 16 weeks on I still can’t believe I’m never feel hungry! Even the other day I was talking to my Mom about what she was going to have for lunch & it dawned on me that I hadn’t eaten for over 24 hours! Very naughty I know but it was so strange that I didn’t feel hungry at all.

Kimberley don’t ever worry about having a moan on here. If you’ve read any of my threads you will see I’ve done a fair bit. Everyone is very kind & understanding.

We are all budging up on the losers bench to welcome you all x

Treeza, promise me you will never do that again. Going for 24 hours without eating is not good for you. I know I sound like a nagging Mother Hen but please, set a reminder on your phone or something similar. It only needs to be snack but don’t even risk adopting new habits that are equally as bad for you as eating too much. We get some liquid from our food too so you are even risking dehydration.

Right, that’s me being a proper old moaner!! I don’t mean to come across as a misery guts but I worry about you all 😉

Doodah x

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