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Re: Milk diet start to day

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Kimberly wrote:
Yes in an infection and on 5 days antibiotic . Very sad to day as my old mum(83) was taken into hospital with renal colic they found a big stone that she won’t be able to pass. ……( also mums had a diff in the pass and is a carrier . My mum , hubby and daughter both want me to stay away as they don’t want me to pick up any thing . I have never not visited my mum daily when she been admitted to hospital . , I’m struggling not to go , but I know it’s the right thing . Oh dear it’s these thing that would have sent me to the shop buying sweets and crisps three weeks ago . Doodah this is my first test managing emotion pain . It may seem strange but typing this out is helping me process . My negative bully head says bad daughter . What if she dies and you don’t see her . My rational head says she knows you love and care for her , she worry more about you if you went to QA . So I’m staying home xx
So I’m going to stay home , if it gets bad then I go in

Hi Kim, that’s a difficult one emotionally but not difficult at all non emotionally. You know what us nurses are like, I would find it bloody horrible but your mum would be devastated if she gave you something and you ended up in hospital worse than her! (I know you know this anyway but some times reading it can help if only a little) obviously if you need to go if she get worse I can’t believe anyone would stop you. (nothing would stop me) but fingers crossed they will be able to whip it out without too many problems! Can you FaceTime her ? From you daughter phone to you? At least you would see each other. I’m keeping everything crossed for her. Glad you got a 5 day course of AB’s. Take care. X

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