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Re: Milk diet start to day

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Kimberly wrote:
Hi Audra I m thing about you and it won’t be long now. . So hope I can reassure you I survived and amazingly discharged from ITU today . Shaw Somers is a lovely kind highly skilled surgeon what an amazing man . It’s amazing that with my medical history that he operated on me on Tuesday at 1400 and by Thursday at 1400 I’m being discharged . I stayed on ITU as the ward was too busy .on Wednesday morning I was up walking and having a shower. Found out I’m too sensitive to opiates but paracetmol worked . Wind hurt but found doing mini 30 knee bends (squats ) then going on all fours with bottom higher than head and gently rocking . And hey presto out it came . Might not work for any one else.
Home and tired but lovely to be in my own bed . I’m glad I prepared some frozen meals for my self . It gives me time to think and heal. I am very thirsty .

You are amazing Kimberly. Definitely given me confidence to follow your lead. Got the wind remove technique locked in brain and as I said I will use it! My meals are still in freezer so all set. Think how much better your be feeling by the time it’s my turn! X

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