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Re: Milk diet start to day

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@clairec 30583 wrote:

Wow Kim, this is such a help!
I have now been on the bariatric megastore and ordered the pineapple cordial pus some other things to try. They are out of stock of quite a few of the cordials. I have both of Carol’s books and will be using those with my Slimming World ones. Thanks for the advice about yoghurts, I know now what to look for in my Tesco’s order for the pre-op diet which starts on Monday. I will look for the soups for later too, and your other advice about hummus etc will also really help for later. I am used to sugar free jelly but usually add fruit so won’t be able to do that.

Thanks again for your help. Doodah has suggested both the Harrow and Portsmouth support groups and that sounds like a good idea. I forgot to ask her though about accessibility because I have a bad back problem. I will need my husband there if I need to use my wheelchair . If I can park right outside though I can dash inside as along as the room is very close to the parking and the seats are softish and comfortable. In which case I could drive there on my own. Do you have any thoughts?
Thanks so much again, I will be on here a lot I can see

Hi again Claire

Aren’t we lucky to have this place to swap ideas and support?

Both venues are 100% wheelchair accessible – Stacey and I made absolutely sure about that. It was extra important to me as I used to be a motability scooter user in addition to two walking sticks. Some of our other members are also wheelchair users.

The seating is arm free and comfortable at both venues. Parking at the Clementine Churchill is great – blue badge spaces just across the road from the main entrance. Blue Badge Parking at Gunwharf Queues is plentiful but you need to go up in the lifft then around to the entrance. I am going to contact them in a moment to see if you can park right outside the hotel in a disabled bay (I think they are for patrons only ie residents) but I am going to try to secure you a space so please leave it with me. Hope this is helpful.

I’m glad you will be on here a lot – it’s what we are all here for. The lovely people on this forum have certainly helped me and I hope I have been of help to others 😉

Doodah x

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