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Re: Milk diet start to day

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Thank Trezza wild horses wouldn’t stop me . Iv just had a funny moment , I don’t think it’s a dump ! But silly didn’t stick to my fluid and eating plan . I’m such a nurse a did a plan to get fluid , food and snacks in . Usually i
0730 mug tea but mange half
0830 breakfast weetabix porridge
0910 water a mug about half a mug
1000 stop
1030 snack milk drink yogurt
11000 water as much as in can may be Half a mug
1200 stop
1230 lunch something frozen taken out the night before.
1320 water a mug
1500 milky drink snack
1530 water
1700 stop
1730 dinner
1810 water tea fluid all time
2145 milky drink .
As you can see lots of milk I’m drinking about one and half pints of skimmed milk a day !!
Except this morning busy didn’t look after my self or stick to it didn’t have milky drink at night and went from 1800 to 1030 before weetabix then was terrible shakes , cold irritable need to lay down . Is that dumping or just too long and my blood sugar just dropped to low? Because after an hour I’m good to go ?

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