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Re: Milk diet start to day

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It is like given birth Doodah ,my hubby said he can see glimpse of the girl he knew about 15 year ago . He wants to write to Shaw to thanking him for getting his wife back . Oh that’s it I’m crying !! Change the subject .
Yes went shopping really early to avoid the hoards as I’m a tiny bit worried about being knocked in the tummy at gun wharf . Again I just looked and felt the fabric like you do , but I know not long and then I can buy some beautiful clothes . I’m going to get my grown up children to take me shopping and have told them it’s their turn to treat mum .i found that I needed to be organised went out with my kiddies sports water bottle o ( I drink water now !!!!) and a laughing extra light cheese triangle . Can’t think of another snack that’s can be shoved in a hand bag at this puréed stage . After an hour went to Costa and had a skinny latte small .( thought thiswould cover midday snack and fluids) . I have noticed that I’m walking quicker and my knees are not hurting so much when I get up from a chair ( sorry Doodah big hug xx)
Cooked smoked haddock today and made a cheese mustard sauce ., mash plus, peas and Broccoli got six portions so froze the rest . I was a bit scared that I dump on the sauce( I haven’t yet ) . But I seem ok . I Put a teaspoon of mustard in the sauce so I didn’t need to use too much light cheddar , made the roué with light margarine . Does any one know another way that doesn’t use fat/ margarine?

Iv been think about how I’m going to manage Christmas lunch . The turkey, veg and potatoes can be mashed / puréed so that’s ok . Been thinking about pudding , and frozen orange skin filled with home made ice cream or frozen cranberry yogurt with a puréed berry sauceThat would beat Christmas pudding . I don’t think I be able to eat a main and pudding ,but I might just like one mouthful. Do you dump on fresh fruit , Iv only tried blueberries bananas so far .
In the evening home made shrimp cocktail ( shrimps +cottage cheese a bit lemon black pepper and chives blended together ) I will be on the mash/ minced stage
My lovely friend came up with an ideal for Christmassy drink , watered down cranberry( got light) , with cinnamon and ginger sugar free vanilla and mulled spice powder . Going to try that tonight . I let you know .

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