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Re: Milk diet start to day

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Hi Claire so pleased for you , I was worried a bit but this operation changed my life . I found the Baratric megastore sugar free syrup brilliant on the milk diet , I brought about 4 of them and still use them , I likes banana and loved dulce de leche ( burnt cream ) and butterscotch I should have got sugar free hazelnut for my coffee . Trezza and doodah recommended lamb oxox and that was lovely . I use to make my jelly up and put it into three pots to make me think I was getting more !!!
The soups were from h ….. I’m not sure if we can mention brands here . I found Carole ball book brilliant and made up soups and puréed foods and froze them . You have to be careful with yogurt . I was amazes at how much sugar is hidden in food , shopping takes longer as you find your self reading all the labels . Any way muller light yogurt were good but again watch them some have more sugar try to get under 5/6 g per 100 g and weight watcher lemon Greek yogurt is brilliant . Weetabix and ready break , and I have low cal option chocolate . Nas squash I like laughing cow extra light cheese triangles ( these are my hand bag snack food and I still use them ) low fat hummus , and Iv just found low low mature cheddar spread with chilli which is good for sugar 5g but fat 15g which is a bit high for some people but I’m ok on it ATM frozen fish in a bag with butter sauce is surprisingly low fat and low in sugar .
Most of the time I’m cooking from scratch then I know what’s in it . Meals last us a couple of days cooking Shepard pie tonight this will do us for two night luckily my husband doesn’t Mind reheated food in the micro wave .

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