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Re: Milk diet start to day

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@Kimberly 31317 wrote:

Well folks , talk about life throwing curved balls at you . My mum been very poorly following an operation on Tuesday for kidney stones . And at times it has looked touch and go , she developed a leak but still not sure if it’s her gall bladder or from the kidney .the long and the short is I have needed to be at the hospital for 12/14 hours a day coming home to sleep some times for 6 hours and then going back again due to the stress I found it too difficult to eat food and lived on fluids , milky coffee, and soups. Their was nothing wrong with my pouch it just that the stress. We’ll that a completely new experince for me , usually prior I would have eaten a bag of sweets packets of crisps mindlessly . Wanting that stuffed feeling , if you know what I mean . Because you can’t take flowers in hospital now a days every one brought my mum sweets and snacks . She has bags and bags of them , I would have demolished them before WLS . I’m feeling really proud of my self that I managed an extremely stressful advent and didn’t binge eat . In the back of my mind the tiny voices that say to me well ” so you think you got rid of me , do you , you wait until the really difficult things happen , your want me back ” now I have my own evidence and can proudly say back I can cope and I don’t need crisps, sweeties. It looks like she turned the corner for now, but now she is medical drama queen .
The new trousears I brought 4 weeks ago are too Baggie , and I’m wearing a size 18 top I brought three years ago that was too small then .

Kim, you have done yourself and your family proud. But more than that, you have proved to yourself that food can no longer rule your life – even in times of stress and anxiety. What a hard fought and won battle!? I’m so proud of what you have achieved, I really am. You are so much tougher than you think 🙂

Doodah x

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