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Re: milk diet, pre op and all sorts of worries !

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@londonmag 25331 wrote:

I am on the list on the 9th oct and due to start milk on the 25th Sept.

Mentally terrified of the op and its after effect and almost want to pull out.

I suspect a lot of similar people like it on here, however, and would welcome any advice to keep me sane 🙂

that is before I terrify myself with thinking about after the op !

anyone out there :shocked:

Hi Londonmag and welcome to the friendliest place around.

I had my bypass just over four years ago but remember it like it were yesterday. It was the fourth best thing that ever happened to me after getting married and having my two children!

I know EXACTLY how you feel because I felt the same. I’m sure everyone else on here did too. If you didn’t feel afraid, then you would not be taking it seriously enough in my very humble opinion.

One of the things that scared me the most was the prospect of a future without my good old ‘friend’ food to rely on as a crutch when things were knocking me down in life. Is that how you feel? I honestly couldn’t see that my friend (food) was such a bad one that it was killing me. I won’t lie, it was very difficult in the early days to think that I would never view food in the same way again but almost immediately after my op, I realised that I didn’t want or need it anymore. Even after 4 years, I rarely get hungry and my tastes have changed dramatically. I don’t crave mountains of sugary rubbish and I can take or leave almost anything I don’t actually need food-wise.

To combat the mental boredom that food filled before surgery, I took up going to the gym. Very, very gentle exercise on a recumbent bike and swimming (well, thrashing about) to start with and a sitting down bicycle thing for my arms! It not only cured my boredom but made me lose weight consistently. It got me out of the house too which was a signifcant change to my lifestyle.

Wls is about changing your attitude towards not only your eating habits, but your whole life. It is the tool that will help you break the loss/gain/loss/gain cycle once and for all….but you have to work at it. Follow the guidlines to the letter and you can’t go wrong.

You will find a mountain of support on here and some excellent advice and tips also. Regarding the milk diet: it was brilliant in it’s simplicity and is only for a very short while. It will also prepare you mentally to break the dependence on food as comfort. My one bit of advice? Start an HONEST food diary. It will help you to see where the ‘hotspots’ are for you in terms of trigger foods – the ones you just might try after surgery!!

Sorry to waffle on so much but I get all enthusiastic for new people as I know the massive difference weight loss surgery has made to my own life. I now work for my surgeon, have been on a holiday half way round the world and have lost 15st. I had about 3-5 years to live before surgery – now I have the same life expectancy as everyone else.

Look forward to hearing all about your journey as each one is totally unique ;-))

Doodah x

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