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Re: Milk Diet – day 3

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@Feebee795 27727 wrote:

Well day 5 post op. don’t feel hungry at all & all I am meant to do is either eat or drink. Ironic!!!
Don’t have any cravings for the sort of food that I used to enjoy to excess which is good – even when my hubby tucked into a full English in front of me.
Get a bit sick & dizzy when I try to eat anything other than yoghurt though, could this be a bit of dumping syndrome? Really don’t know what to expect

Hi Feebee.

So glad it went so well for you and that you are finding things tolerable.

You could be experiencing a bit of dumping but it’s more likely to be dehydration. Plus the fact that you have had major surgery 5 days ago! Keep sipping throughout the day and this will help to keep your system moving and working efficiently. I guarantee that everything will sort itself out within the next week or so. It’s the reason we are advised to have some time off after surgery as everything is trying to fall into place and accept the new way of doing things! Sorry my words are not very professional sounding but I’m not a clinician and I tell it from a patient’s viewpoint lol!

It’s great that you are not craving things or feeling hungry but please remember to eat! It’s almost beyond belief isn’t it that we FORGET to eat!! I still do it now! My husband and children are home this week (teachers/student) so they will keep reminding me haha!

Anyway, welcome to the loser’s bench and best of luck x

Doodah x

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