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Re: Milk diet

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I’m glad you have shared this Treeza – it’s what we are here for. I would like all of you to see this forum as a place of support and friendship. You can share the good and bad in the sure knowledge that you will never, ever be judged.

I hope you are proud of yourself that you didn’t smoke or have a mad binge after such a shock. Well done you. That cannot have been easy. You have already begun your new way of life. Chocolate is such a hard one to kick isn’t it? Especially as it is proven to make us feel better – for a very short while.

There are alternatives and the biggest battle is to convince yourself that a sugar free, low fat mousse is every bit as delish as a bar of whole nut lol! When I eat chocolate now (yes, I DO indulge once in a awhile!) I imagine how much fat is in it. I turn it into lard in my mind and then imagine eating dyed lard…YUK! I choose good quality chocolate and only have a tiny amount – It’s not against the law after all. the Bariatric megastore is full of lovely treats that will easily fulfill the need for something sweet.

I’m so proud of you for giving up smoking. you will heal so much better post wls. Well done treeza – you are proving that you can be a great success at getting back the life you always wanted for yourself and your family xx

Doodah x

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