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Re: Migraines, Pain Killers and Post Op ??s

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@myheartexposed 26802 wrote:

Hi my op date is 31st December 2012 with Shaw Somers at QA Portsmouth,

I am so excited about it all but its occurred to me this week about migraines and how people cope with them post op as well as being able to take pain killers for other especially abdominal pain relief?

Not at all sure how I will mentally get through the liver shrinkage diet going right through Christmas week as I need to start it on the 17th, I would be absolutely fine and dandy all by myself but factor in ones own children, husband and in-law family guests all asking me if I’m sure i dont want to have anything with them and looking at me like I’ve slaughtered the entire meal with my own hands when it was alive so I could prepare it for them, and we have a bit of a problem. I discussed briefly with my own children about the cooking today how I’d help get it all in to the cooker but then would want to hide for a bit whilst the rest of the cooking takes place as by the day itself “Christmas Day” I’ll be dying for some real veggies or potatoes I would have thought.

So migraine sufferers, how have you handled them post operatively? I’d be very interested to know this especially as I’ve just had a rather hellish week of them myself.

Thanks, Helen 😀

Hi Helen, fellow migraine sufferer here!

I take Sumatriptan to stop it in it’s tracks. It really works for me. Tiny little tablet too.

However, I think you should contact your team for advice on this one. Do NOT think it is a silly question as they are there to help you at EVERY single step of this amazing journey you are embarking upon. I would say to everyone – never give clinical advice to anyone else. I don’t. We are all so different and some of us have medical conditions we don’t disclose here. It’s always best to ask your team. If ever there is anyhting you don’t want anyone else to know, private message me and I will get in touch with the relavent person for you. It might take longer to get an answer but it’s a way round it.

As for the Christmas meal dilemma – just tell your family how you want it to go. They will be terrified of upsetting you just as much as you will be of seeming a bit of a ‘Bah, Humbug’!! Be honest about what will be difficult and sort it all out in advance. I’m already in discussion with my Mum about what I can eat bless her. She always wants to make sure I have all the lovely things possible so I don’t feel left out: even if it’s an unusual or exotic fruit! I’m going to have Sharon fruit for my starter – YUM.

Hope this helps Helen. I admire you SO much.

Doodah x

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