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Re: Merry Christmas Everyone!

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@londonmag 27067 wrote:

Sadly had a nightmare after a great 3 months 🙁

Not volumes of food, which was just about in check, but too many little chocolates and a couple of beers

Absolutely gutted and worry the old habbits will not go

Nothing to cause dumping, so not huge quantities but far far too much spread over a day.

Perhaps just too much around with the kids etc, but finding eating all sorts far too easy.

Hoping for a happy and controlled new year


PLEASE, do NOT beat yourself up over this. It was ONE day. Like you say, you have had three great months.

My first Christmas found me sitting all alone in the dark when everyone had gone to bed being tempted by shortbread. Not just any old stuff – the real McCoy: all butter from Edinburgh. I ate some. Not just a tiny bit but a slab. It tasted divine. However, 5 minutes later Oh My Life was I sick. Sweating, palpitations, headache and the shakes.

As I lay in my bed feeling absolutely dreadful for about 2 hours afterwards I asked myself ‘Was it worth it?’ Well of course the answer was NO. However, I decided not to feel guilty. I had failed, I am human. We fail. I went to sleep, awoke the next day and began all over again. I hadn’t gained weight (my ridiculous brain was telling me that one bit of shortbread was going to make me gain half a stone!) and the world hadn’t ended. So I got back on that horse and started off on my journey again. Being guilt free was a totally new experience for me food-wise. It was so liberating.

You see, that’s how ‘normal’ people are around food. If they have a treat, they don’t have any (or as many if it’s something like Christmas) the next day. They don’t stay awake chastising themselves over it. That is what we have to learn. That food is for life, not the other way round.

I hope you have forgiven yourself. If you haven’t do it now. I’m wearing my ‘Mummy knows best’ face as I type this haha! Don’t waste any more of your precious life feeling guilty. Just get back on task and keep going. Everytime you fall off (as you will) simply, get up and start again. We learn from our failures. It’s an old chestnut but it’s true. As I’m sitting here at my desk, there is an unopened box of the very same shortbread as the one on that Christmas night two feet away from me. Note the word ‘unopened’. It has been there since Christmas Eve. It may well get opened today but it holds no fear for me anymore. I learned from that first Christmas’s epic fail!

I’m flippin waffling again! Sorry. Forgive anything you think you may have failed at (a few chocs and beers is hardly a binge at Christmas is it?!) and look ahead to 2013 as the year you stopped letting food control your life and emotions. Be kind to yourself remember 😉

Doodah x

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