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Re: Merry Christmas

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@Kimberly 30410 wrote:

Trezza , Christmas a bit more challenging at the mashed up stage . Keep bring food up . Only managing a few tea spoons . Fluids ok so can drink milk and nas squash . Also didn’t lose a pound for two weeks …(but I’m trying not to focus on numbers and more on being healthy. Bonus is every one has said how much healthier I look already . Iv contacted my GP for an exercise referral . It’s the only way into a gym for me they get really funny about my medical history !!!!! Lol .
May be we could meet up half way for coffee some times . That would be good just let me know . Are you coming to the group this month ? Xx

Sorry to hear you struggled a bit over Christmas Kim. I do wonder whether the undercurrent of stress at this time of year makes people eat/drink differently. Even the ‘normal’ ones seem to get indigestion and feel dehydrated!

An exercise referral is a great idea. I got one after my bypass and became quite the gym bunny! Can’t afford to go anymore but have a gym quality exercise bike 2m from my desk that I use daily – just 15 mins a day. It keeps my heart and lungs ticking over and middle aged spread at bay 😉

You are wise to focus on health. It is, after all, ALL that matters. Looking forward to seeing you at the next meeting!

Doodah x

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