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@treeza 33684 wrote:

5 Weeks ago I went into hospital for a “routine” operation to have a gallbladder removed as a day case. I was very delighted when I discovered that my surgeon was also a bariatric surgeon & felt very safe in his hands. The operation was a bit trickier due to my previous surgery as things were a bit stuck down & my poor old gallbladder was in rather a bad state & it well & truly needed to come out. I was discharged 3 ish hours post op & felt as fine as you can after having an op.

Sadly 3 days later I ended up being rushed back in to hospital then back into surgery the next day where they discovered I had a bile leak. An apparently rare complication 1-2% risk of it happening. The surgeon thinks there’s a possibility that I had a slow leak then after having a coughing fit I caused the dam to burst which is when I ended up in agony.

I have to say that recovery has been very slow I think largely because I initially couldn’t face food. I lost a stone in under a week which is great don’t get me wrong but it left me completely exhausted. I am now eating much better & I have managed to keep the weight off for the most part. I did go up a bit then back down & seem to be two pounds up then 2 pounds down sometimes within the same day….. I know step away from the scales.

I’ve been off work for the past 5 weeks & popped in yesterday to see my manager re getting back. Everyone was commenting on how much weight i’d lost since they last saw me!!! Funny how a stone loss is so much more noticeable now than it was in the beginning. I’d have to lose 3 stone before anyone said anything.

Thankfully my manager was very supportive & despite the fact I’d popped in to see about trying to return to work next week (my heart was saying get back to work but head was saying your not ready yet!!). She could clearly see I wasn’t ready & told me so! It’s such a relief as it has taken the pressure off of me. She is referring me to occupational health who I’m hoping will allow me back on a phased return. The thought of 12/13 hour shifts fills me with dread.

I hope you don’t mind me sharing this with you all on here as not strictly WLS. Some times it’s just good to write things down almost like a release valve.

Thank you x

Never apologise for anything you post on here. If it is important to you then we want to hear about it and see if we can help you in any way – even if it’s just by listening.

PLEASE step away from those scales – they will drive you to distraction and it’s so counter productive. Your focus should be on getting better not watching the needle or digital numbers on the scales. It is wasted energy.

Take your time. You have time now. Time you have fought hard to gain – so don’t blow it on looking at a 12″ square bit of equipment!

Doodah x

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