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@penny 34248 wrote:

Hi Lelly, hey lucky sparrow but poor you as for resting I don’t think housework is the answer to recovery, take it easy,
losing weight for you will happen, doodah sorry to hear you have hurt yourself just as things were getting better you too must rest and let the healing do its thing, give it time and if they are good friends they are coming to see you not any dust that may be on a shelf somewhere.

I been very busy at work today and got in very late this eve, so I am of to bed now, night night all. xxx

They are wonderful, old friends and they wouldn’t give a hoot what the house looks like – but I will! My own worst enemy. As I type, my lovely husband it putting the Dyson round and tidying up a bit, just to keep things ticking over. Our friends are coming on Monday so I should be quite a bit better by then. I do hope so as they come all the way from London and we like to get out and about. We only see each other about twice a year. One year, I got Swine flu so they came all the way down here and I wasn’t allowed to let anyone in the house!

Anyway, thank you all so much for your good wishes. They really do mean a lot 🙂

Doodah x

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