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@mccharm2005 34284 wrote:

Hello peeps, sorry I have not been on for a while. So the update so far is! I thought that I had made a decision and had prepared myself to delay my operation as I saw the move to the USA as an opportunity I couldn’t miss. The plan had been that I was moving out to San Francisco from 1st September and I was going to delay my op until I came back in 6 months however as plans do, things have changed slightly. Last week I was in the USA for an orientation visit when over breakfast one morning I received a call from St Richards offering me my surgery on 16th September. Now I am back to being stuck again! What I am hoping to do now is have the surgery and delay my move to the USA by a few weeks however that is dependant on how soon I am allowed to fly after the op and how long my new boss will wait for me to start, not to mention when I finally get my work visa sorted. I am planning to call St Richards to discuss it tomorrow morning so I will update you after I have some news.

Take care for now


Hello Andy,

Thank you so much for keeping us in the loop, what a wonderful position you are in, a win win one. Considering all the re-plumbing that we have done, the recovery time is pretty short and as I am assuming your job is not a manual one and your bosses are willing to wait, it would be fantastic to have it done prior to your placement. The only problem that I can see is aftercare. I really hope that St Richards answer all your questions today, please let us know, we do all care and it was lovely seeing your post.
Take care

Lelly x

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