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Re: mandyl’s Weight Loss Journey

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LOL xx
Mandy is still a little embarressed about the original post….. Thankfully we are here to help, its not always a bed of roses or an easy journey which is why its so important firstly not to take anything to heart, never blame yourself if your not feeling 100%, this is an emotional journey for everyone.
What are we without our friends, who can we rant too when we need to let off steam if not here amougst people having to deal with the turmoil of weight loss surgery (and other things).

As I told you Mandy, nobody dislikes you (far from it), what we do to ourselves can be heartbreaking…. especailly when things get us down…. we blame ourselves…

Thankfully you have promissed me a date tomorrow….

If the sun does not shine…. you will.

All you need is a little encouragement, some time with friends and to make progress getting things sorted…. its going to happen Mandy, just have a little faith in yourself….. Your not alone all the time you have us.

I’m never a million miles away…. I can talk the kind leg off a donkey, just cant eat it lol…

Looking forward to tomorrow sweetheart….. 12.30 pick up…ish ok xxxx

Have a good night, sleep tight fear not…. your in safe hands ( you always have been, just might have lost your way a little, so the plan is to find it again) which you will…..

Night princess

Buzz xxx

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