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Re: mandyl’s Weight Loss Journey

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Hi Mandy,

Sometimes life really sucks, friends let us down and we get to feel the world is really against us….

Lonliness is an awful thing, so we need to work on getting you out and about finding you things to do and enjoy.

Perhaps the meeting (locally) is more urgent than thought…..

Can you suggest a date your be available? SO I can get something sorted…. Im sure we will all benefit from meeting each other…its so very difficult over the internet and the waiting for a reply when everyone is busy seems to take forever….

Dont be too down sweatheart, this surgery gets very emotional…even I have been close to tears a few times myself…. moody irretable and just not myself…..

Your not alone really, but being let down is an unfortunate part of life, I have learnt he hard way just the same as you. and this I expect is why I now choose to keep friends at a distant so they do not end up hurting me….

We build walls to protect ourselves.. just need to makes sure they are not so tall that our saviour cant get over it……

Thinking of you, unfortunatley it is very difficult for me to phone right now, Im in a shared office…. but i will try tophone you later ok…

Chin up princess

Buzz xxx

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