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Re: mandyl’s Weight Loss Journey

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Mandy… HUGE ((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))) hun… So sorry you’re feeling so low at the moment… Have you been to your GP recently? Are you having counselling now? Is it CBT? I really hope it helps.. I know what it’s like, although only moderate depression, but I can sympathise.

Sorry your friend has upset you, could it be that she is a bit down too and has taken what you said the wrong way by mistake? Maybe later today when you’ve both had a chance to cool down a little, you can hold out an olive branch and maybe sort out the misunderstanding you both had?

Are there any stables near you? Or a farm? I know when my sister was a teenager, she used to work at the farm on a Sunday and used to get free rides, in return for helping out with the mucking out and feeding, etc… she loved it (we hated the stink when she came home! ;)) Would be good for getting out of the house and great exercise…

You should he more self confident (easy to say, I know) you are doing so well and are looking fantastic!

Hope today gets better for you.

Take care

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