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Re: mandyl’s Weight Loss Journey

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Hey Mand

Not quite sure what has led you here but, sweetie, really there are a couple of things you can do to help you look at things from other perspectives so that you can then have more choices in how to deal with what you are facing.

You mentioned that things have come to a head with a friend…well friends are the brothers/sisters that we choose so fall outs are part and parcel of that relationship. Can you leave things for a few days and then stretch out the hand of friendship? Maybe what has happened has been a long time coming and the ‘friendship’ had worn thin??? If this is the case then grieve over it but don’t let it destroy any future friendships – you set your boundaries and you move on.

Money worries – something that most of us can identify with these days. Chunk them down in smaller, more manageable payments. Depending on how serious it is maybe some outside help from Citizens Advice or a Debt Counsellor may help, or even an IVA – get googling and see how much help there is out there.

It’s hard to feel good about ourselves when there is so much ‘stuff’ around us so stop beating yourself up, get out a pen & paper and start making some action notes.

Also, I’m a great believer in visualisation as a way of calming my mind – think about your ideal solutions to each of your challenges and write them down as if they had been achieved. For example, I have paid all my debts and I feel fantastic. This now allows me to ….. You get the idea. Keep it in the present tense and make it as compelling as you can so that it really feels like it has happened.

These are a few simple and effective things Mandy but they do require you to take part in them…so indulge yourself for as long as you want but then its time to start taking some action and getting back in control of your life.

Chin up hun….trust me, things are never as bad as we fear they are :kiss:

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