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Re: mandyl’s Weight Loss Journey

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Hi Mandy

You are not alone we are all your friends on here messages don’t always have to be about weight loss any issues worries or problems one of your friends on here can relete to that in some way you will never be alone.

So it will never be a wasted post ever.

I’ve had a big rollercoaster over the years battled depression 15 years lots of treatment.

I lost my Dad & Gran both to cancer in 8 wks of each other along with my many health issues I have always tried to bottle things up and get on with it as I felt I had to but you don’t I did have some CBT and it made me think of so many things a differant way. If you have a good doctor it may be worth asking if you can get referred for some to help you through a tough patch.

I work in a financial difficulties department for LTSB if any advice I may be able to help with or any questions you can always pm me.

Chin up chick look forward to your hot date the the Buzz Man and shall hopefully meet you tomorrow.


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