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Re: mandyl’s Weight Loss Journey

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If only we had a cure for Emotions…. Whoever found it would be a billionaire.
You have had more than your fair share of disapointment recentley, more than most would handle without cracking.
Your very vunerable right now which is why its so important for you to realise why your so down on yourself.
You really should not be so very hard on yourself all the time….

It breaks my heart when your so hard on yourself when your trying so very hard.

At the tea party and for a short while after you was a changed person, so possitive, so focused, so happy.
You need company, you need more than the cat and four walls for company….

Surely their is something you could finid locally even if it is something charitable just to get you out…
You would be rewarded tenfold just having human contact…. just to be needed…

So much has gone on recentley, one thing on top of another things have to change….

Trying so hard not to shake you…lol…. to show you, you are special…. to see what we see….
But you cant….

Please stop blaming yourself for everything….

Try contacting your brother, see if you cant get away for a few days to get some restbite….
I know the stresses your facing wont go away, but you need to forget about them for five minutes and take a breather….

I’m so sad your having such a rough time….. I truley am…

Buzz xxx

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