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Re: Maintainging your weight loss 3+ years post op

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@Thais 27472 wrote:

Oh Doodah, you make it sound so easy, but after reading your post, ignoring it for a while and saying to myself that I don’t need to revived all those moments from my past, that I could easily bury them feelings, I am back here tonight feeling like that little child again that is incapable of saying no, not able to say what she really feels just in case someone could be offended and bringing down every little feeling with food. How to find the courage and confident to look for help??
Thank you very much for your post because I know now that there will be help available for when I found the courage to go and ask for it.

Thais my lovely, the bravest thing you will ever do is admit to YOURSELF that you need help. You have already done that though. You asked for help when you had wls which is so brave it almost beggars belief. We all did it – we all asked for help with one of the most important things in our lives. And we got it. If you could be that brave again and ask for more help then you are 99% of the way to sorting out your problems forever. I say 99% because there will always be 1% that will try to muck it up for us. That annoying old ‘friend’ head hunger. The one who sits on our shoulder waiting for an opportunity to sabotage our hard work. The trick is to never, ever give it the remaining 1%. Sometimes we may falter 0.5% but that’s fine – we are human. But never let that nasty little so and so get any further than that.

I hope you find the courage to ask for the help you want. By using the word ‘want’ it implies that it’s your choice rather than ‘need’ which can be something outside your control. If you truly want it, go and find it. I would love to hear how things are going xx

Doodah x

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