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Re: Maintainging your weight loss 3+ years post op

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‘Normal’ – what does that even mean? If there is a definitive answer, I’d like to hear it!

I believe that normal is on a sliding scale – much like sexuality: it is not fixed. If someone feels confident, is healthy, happy and optimistic (yet sometimes cautious) then I think that is normal. Numbers don’t really come into it. I could weigh much less and still be within the normal range but I’m happy where I am now weight-wise. There is nothing I could do any better were I lighter.

So, Jay, in my opinion you are completely normal except maybe for the weighing yourself every day! I stopped doing that ages ago as I know when I’ve gained a little – my jeans get tighter round the waist! For us girls, our weight can fluctuate by 4lbs in a day so it’s really not worth the hassle to keep checking it. I weigh myself once a month at the same time wearing the same clothes. That’s it. If it’s more than 5lbs I cut back on things that aren’t 100% healthy and natural. It changes back to my own acceptable level within a couple of days. Therefore, if I were to really enjoy a special occasion and gain a bit, I simply eat soup for a few days and get on my exercise bike for a few minutes longer each day and hey presto – back to ‘normal’. My normal anyway 😉

Doodah x

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