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Re: Lost just a pound

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@Vickster 33182 wrote:

I did a course at work, something about knowing your value I think, and the best thing I learnt from that was about using the word only. The course leader said that she did some training with a multi-millionaire female director of a very successful company, and used to go on to the shop floor and say “It’s only me, just popped in to say Hi!” and she would get very few responses. The course leader told her to drop the only me, and try it again, which she did, and everyone stopped what they were doing and responded to her. She had allowed herself to be diminished by saying “only me”. If we put ourselves down as only me, how can we expect others to do anything different?

Troublesome word that “only” one!!


‘Only’ and ‘just’ – the two most defeatist words in the English language:

* I’m just a stay-at-home-parent
* I’m just working part-time
* I’m only an assistant
* I’m only trying to help
* I just do the best I can

When you look at all these statements, they negate the person using them, when in fact, they are some of the most important things in society. Especially the ‘stay at home parent’ one. When I was young, many, many women would say “I’m just a housewife”. Being a stay at home parent is the hardest job in the known universe and the people who do it (especially the people doing it alone) are bloomin heroes!

So, Kim and Vickster are right – let’s try not to use those words in that context on here. I truly believe that if people praised themselves more for even the smallest victory, it can have an impact for generations to come. Yes, we have to accept that sometimes we fail – but it is what we learn from that failure and what we do about it that defines us. Anyone who keeps trying, even in the face of defeat, is a HERO. So get your superhero costumes out gang we are going to smash this weight loss thing: together.

Doodah x

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