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@bikerchris 32346 wrote:

Hi all,

I am lucky enough to have a weekend away coming up and I’m looking for some ideas food-wise. This is a motorcycling weekend with my bike club and I’m really looking forward to it. We are staying in a B & B and I have checked they can cater for my needs at breakfast. However I’m a bit stuck for other meals, ordinarily, bike club meal breaks are taken at burger vans in a lay-by or at a chip shop, clearly no good for me. So I wonder what I can take with me to eat on the go that does not need refrigeration,as I will have to carry it with me. So far, I can only think of canned tuna and breadsticks, which would be a bit dull for the entire weekend but I could put up with it.

I’m 9 weeks post op and by the time of the weekend it will be 12 week. I am on a varied but soft-ish diet and I have been lucky that I have tolerated well almost everything I have tried, except hummus (which made me feel most peculiar and I have no desire to repeat that).

Anyway if there are any forum members who go camping or who are used to travelling without access to a fridge, I’d be grateful to hear what you eat.

Thanks, Chris x

Hi Chris

What an exciting weekend ahead! I’m pretty jealous I have to say, being a bit of a biker chic in my youth!

As for taking things that do not require refrigeration, you have a few options. Canned goods are great for obvious reasons and so are jars – fruits, vegetables especially good. Also, how about things like cous cous? A burger van will be happy to pour boiling water on it for you. Pop on the lid, 5 mins later et voilà! You could then add tinned tuna or salmon (in fact any protein in a can that isn’t too fatty) or a small amount of cheese, especially the ones that are in wax like Baby belle. Fresh fruit is good so long as it isn’t the type that would ripen in five minutes in the warm weather! Satsumas, oranges etc. Then there is always crackers. I used to carry crackers and baby belles everywhere with me plus a satsuma or apple. Just make sure that anything canned is in either water or juice not syrup or brine.

Above all else – bottled water. Stay hydrated and ENJOY YOURSELF!

Hope this is helpful. Would love to see some pics too 😉

Doodah x

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