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@bikerchris 32430 wrote:

That’s brilliant Kimberly, I bet you’ll have a ball. Where are you going?

I love camping but haven’t been for ages. It was a great pleasure to chuck my tent on the back of my bike and tour all over Europe with my biker buddies. I’ve even been on my own a few times, the freedom is wonderful. When I stopped camping, I told people it was because I preferred more comfort as I got older, but the reality was that I couldn’t fit into a sleeping bag anymore, nor could I get in and out my little tent or up off the ground with any dignity at my size.

So now I’m thinking that I have a.week off in early September. Assuming my weight loss continues and my health continues to improve, and that the weather stays decent, i could easily roar off to France for a week. Now that would be something to look forward to.

Chris x

This post has made me smile SO much! It’s what wls is all about. yes it’s great to look better and be able to shop for clothes on the high street, but being able to do the things you love with no physical restrictions anymore has to be very near the top of the bonus list.

It doesn’t just give you back your life – it gives you a better one because you appreciate everything so much more! I will be wishing for that better weather in early September (it’s also my birthday time lol!) so that you can roar off to France. Then I want to hear all about it.

Hearing how you all get back to living, instead of existing, is THE high point of my job. I love it when you are too busy to come on here because you are off living life to the full 😉

Doodah x

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